A camel ran amok on the Trans-Israeli Highway, and a rogue elephant was on the loose in Rwanda. In Alaska an elephant named Maggie was refusing to use her $100,000 treadmill. The Hershey Company opened a new health center to study the benefits of cocoa, and Ray Nagin was re-elected mayor of New Orleans.
Harper's Weekly. Paul Ford escreve todas as terças-feiras um resumo em três parágrafos das principais notícias da semana que passou.
NASA scientists claimed that they could extract oxygen from lunar soil, Pat Robertson claimed to have leg-pressed 2,000 pounds, and Senator Bill Frist helped give a gorilla a root canal. A study found that most British men are cry babies. A Sherpa stood naked on the summit of Mount Everest.
Nada é inventado, e Ford tem um jeito para relacionar as notícias que é divertidíssimo.
In Baghdad two tennis players and their coach were killed for wearing shorts, and a Marine helicopter was shot down over the Anbar Province. Soldiers were developing emotional relationships with their bomb-defusing robots. "Please fix Scooby Doo," said one soldier, "because he saved my life."
É notícia não pra quem quer informação, mas para ver algum ritmo poético no mundo. E, bom, só leio notícias para isso mesmo.
Scottish scientist Klaus Zuberbuhler found that Nigerian putty-nosed male monkeys say "pyow" to warn of leopards and "hack" to warn of eagles. "Pyow," said a monkey. "Hack hack pyow hack hack."


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