Mr Sorkin wrote early episodes in cocaine-fuelled bursts locked in a hotel room - often leaving actors being paid to stand around waiting for his scripts - before entering rehab in 2001 and leaving the series in 2003. Describing his schedule at the time, he said: "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, I freak out, 'cos I haven't thought of what next week's show is. Thursday, I start yelling at people because I haven't thought of what next week's show is. Friday, I go, 'Oh my God, there's going to be half an hour of dead air ... ' and then it finally gets done."

Warren Ellis: Read a draft of Aaron Sorkin's forthcoming STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP last night. Nearly gave up writing. I want to break that bastard's hands, I really do.

Já tem trailer, já tem site, já tem fãs. Já vazou até o roteiro!

Não gostei muito do cast (sim, Matthew Perry), mas essa série vai ser BOA.


Aquele ali é o Josh the West Wing?

Sim! Com cara de velho.
E o que tá do lado dele é aquele que fazia aquele seriadinho, "Friends".


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