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August 16, 2005

After the SETI Program requesting the power of our personal computers to search for extraterrestrial intelligence, it is now time for a project to request the power of our own brains to develop artificial intelligence.

This is the goal of Peekaboom. From the outside, it is a simple game of guessing the picture. Players play the game in pairs and one is given a picture that the other must guess. To do this, the first player chooses parts of the picture to be shown. Both players receive better rewards when fewer parts are shown.

While the game itself is quite enjoyable, it is its purpose that makes it stand out. When players are playing, an underlying algorithm is constantly observing what people consider useful information in a picture. This, in turn, will be used to design better artificial intelligence algorithms, which may use an approach similar to the one we use to understand images in the real world.

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